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Bao Fu Ling treats my Torn Skin too!

I walked too much during Christmas time and had hurt my toes quite badly. Without knowing, my skin tear between my big toe It's like a big flap of dead skin but it rips deeper into where it gets painful. My friend saw my toes and she quickly applied Bao Fu Ling cream on top of the torn skin. (My skin still remained there, she didn’t remove the skin), that was on the Christmas day. I was wondering what cream was that, she told me just tried to see whether this cream works on the torn skin.

Miraculously, I woke up the next day, I could walk properly, didn’t fell much pain and realized that my torn skin was patched and recovered well. Never knows what cream was this, however, from now on, I would recommend friends to use this super duper cream.

Thanks to Bao Fu Ling to make my Christmas time a great one.

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