Chili Burned


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During Chinese New Year Festival, Miss Chong, a housewife from Seremban was preparing the reunion dinner for her big family including the relatives. After chopping a large amount of chili with unprotected hands, she felt her hands were on fire. She washed her hands with soap and water, tried to cool them with ice packs but nothing could tame the burn. The pain got more intense. She quickly asked help from her family! One of the relatives quickly offered the Bao Fu Ling Antimicrobial & Burn Cream to her. After apply, the pain was relieved and finally disappeared.

“Once I applied the cream onto my hands, I could feel the heat is absorbed away from my hands. It gave a cooling sensation. I could not imagine how long the intolerable pain would last without this cream!”said Miss Chong. Immediately, the product became hero of the day and was spread among the family due to its miraculous.

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