Product Authenticity Check

Our brand name is 宝肤灵(Bao Fu Ling). Any other Chinese character with the same PinYin but written differently, you can be 100% sure, that is a counterfeit. Have a sharp eye! Do not be tricked by “保”肤灵(same PinYin “Bao Fu Ling” but written differently) You must see the Chinese Character 宝肤灵. If only the PinYin “Bao Fu Ling” is shown, that is a counterfeit too!


Step-by-Step Guide to Verify Product Authenticity

Step 1 : Scratch off the grey area on the product seal. You will see a 20 - digit code. This is your unique 20 digit code to test for authenticity.

Step 2 : Log on to which is an official security site of the Chinese Government. This is where you will proceed to enter the 20 digit security code that was revealed to you in step 1.

Step 3 : Fill in the blank beside "Security Check" with 20 digits without spaces or dashes. Please ensure you fill in the correct numbers. Leave the "Information Code Query" space blank.

Step 4 : Press the "Security Check" button.

Step 5 : Receive the results. Note : If you have previously checked the authenticity of the product the result will be the amount of times you have checked the product. Example, if you have checked the authenticity 3 times - you will have a result of 3.

  •  If this is your first time checking authenticity, and the result shown indicates it has only been checked ONCE, you are getting the original product.
  • If the Security tracking number has been checked for a  TIME or MORE, you should be suspicious, you may have purchased a counterfeit product. If this is the response you receive, please call BFL Customer Service Line +603 - 78022277  immediately.

Checking for authenticity :
  • Entering incorrect digits - for instance mistake 5 as 6 or 3 as 8. Be sure to read the 20 digit code carefully.
  • Putting spaces in between numbers. Do not leave any spaces or dashes between the numbers. Numbers should be written in sequence. For example the digits must be entered  as 58965447314589876555.
  • Entering the number like this : 58965 44731 45898 76555  is INCORRECT and will lead to a failed authenticity report.