Symptoms: Scalded
Incident: Scald from boiling water


August 11, 2014

Day 1, applied Bao Fu Ling cream immediately after burned. After removed the cream in 30 minutes, skin already pealed off. more

Symptoms: Deep Scalded
Incident: Scald from boiling water

Deep Scalding

August 11, 2014

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Symptoms: Oil Burned
Incident: Cooking

Oil Burned

February 5, 2016

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Symptoms: Chili Burned
Incident: chopping a large amount of chili

Chili Burned

February 16, 2016

During Chinese New Year Festival, Miss Chong, a housewife from Seremban was preparing the reunion dinner for her big family more

Symptoms: Rash - Eczema (Skin rash)
Incident: Ongoing problem


August 11, 2014

My son had eczema – a very common skin rash for over a year. We had seen many doctors and dermatologists on numerous occasions and tried several medications with no resolve. The doctors said his skin problems would subside eventually. They said his skin will become much healthier and the problems will reduce as he ages and grows. more

Symptoms: Rash - Eczema (Skin rash)
Incident: Ongoing problem

Scratched by Dog

August 12, 2014

Applied Bao Fu Ling, wonders happened. It was so painful and hurt, when my doggy scratched on me. more

Symptoms: Rash - Skin Tear
Incident: Between Toe’s Skin Tear

Skin Tear

February 16, 2016

Bao Fu Ling treats my Torn Skin too! I walked too much during Christmas time and had hurt my toes quite badly. more

Symptoms: Sensitive Skin
Incident: Baby’s Eczema & swelling

Sensitive Skin

February 16, 2016

Big swelling foot and redness gone! more

Symptoms: Sensetive
Incident: skin allergic

p1 pimple1

Kulit muka saya sangat kasar dan berminyak, pelbagai jenama kosmetic saya guna  tetapi tiada kesan malah lebih  teruk... Setelah saya menggunakan BAO SHU TANG  setiap pagi dan malam, kulit saya menjadi lebih licin, parut jerawat makin pudar  dan bertambah cerah...

Symptoms : Fever
Incident : Common Cold