Company Philosophy

We produce products that love and care for your family!

We stand by our products, we know their purity and their quality are helping people nurture their natural health and beauty. We take each family as our own family. We understand how much you care for your children and spouse. With this in mind, each product is a promise of reliability to consumers. We continue to grow in our expertise in the fields of hair care, skin care, traditional remedies and treatment while expanding our portfolio to offer more love and care to each family.

We produce the products that love and care for your family! Our products aim to bring a more beautiful life to each family. We are always committed to use the most refined and pure ingredients from nature. We put constant scientific commitments in the process. Therefore, our products are based on continuous and innovative research and are laboratory tested to ensure they contain no elements that bring harmful or undesirable effects to human such as steroid, heavy-metal, lard and alcohol.

Listening to our customers is a key to our improvement a great source of inspiration. Our customer influence and insight is a force that drives us to move forward and produce quality products that make a positive impact to each family in the world.

Bao Fu Ling considers each family as its own. This allows us to understand how much you love and care for your family. Our company keeps this in mind every day to ensure that each product carries a promise of reliability to consumers.

Employment Philosophy

Bao Fu Ling Global Enterprise is a corporation that employers and employees should embrace as a “Home” away from home. This enterprise was started with a heart of love for all families in the world. We believe, family the basic foundation of our society and is a priority in everything we do.

Being one big happy family, BFLG does not follow the hierarchical system of administration. We do not have a multilayer company structure. We have a large family tree! The employer and employees at BFL enjoy a familial relationship, as that of parents and children. The relationship between the senior and junior employees is like that of close siblings. Naturally, a new employee is considered the new-born baby of the family and welcomed and with joy, love and care! In this family, one will receive care and nurture as well as proper training and mentoring to build up a meaningful, fulfilling and lifetime career.

Bao Fu Ling Global Enterprise provides a secure and promising environment for all family members. Our sincere aim is for our family members to develop, mature and grow together in terms of knowledge, skills and ability with the continuous and sincere support and encouragement from each member. In our BFL family everyone is assured proper care.

The long-lasting relationship that is built among us brought us to a vision: To offer an old folk’s home to employees that spend their lifetime in this company whereby they do not need to be fearful of loneliness knowing that there is a home here filled with people that they grow up and grow old together. This old folk’s home shall continue to provide the love and care they that have always received from this big family. It is a family that you can trust so much that even you can send your elderly here.

When it comes to the work, we are performance-oriented. We focus on the quality of work we produce with highest commitment and dedication. We always believe passion is the key to success. “Love what we do!” is the spirit that fuels us to do everything unto perfection.