Introduction :
Beijing Bao Shu Tang was established since 1989, initiated by Mr.Hsieh Kun Tsung. The group has been active in developing, researching and producing Chinese Herbal Medicine. It has established over 20 branches and a powerful selling network all over china and many countries in Southeast Asia. It has also ventured into the fields of food, electric appliances, automobile repair, trade and travel agency maintenance making it a dynamic and versatile business group. In addition to a group of qualified scientists and technicians, Beijing Bao Shu Tang group works hand in hand with local and international experts, scholars, colleges and scientific research institution to further develop its products. So as to assure its continue high quality. In fact, Bao Fu Ling, its most popular product that won the Golden Elephant Award in the 6th Asia Academic Meeting of Chinese Medicine and International New Products Fair of Traditional Medicine, has been widely received with confidence. 北京宝树堂集团是由北京台资企业协会理事长、北京外资企业协会副会长、北京海外联
谊会副会长、台湾宝树堂药业第七代传人谢坤宗先生于1989年投资成立。 集团主体为北
科学工艺流程精制而成。 宝树堂经营口号/ 
THEME OF BAO SHU TANG PEOPLES HEALTH IS BAO SHU TANG'S WEALTH 选择宝树堂=选择了健康    Vast Scope :  In order to supply the vast demand for Chinese herbal medicine, Beijing Bao Shu Tang sci - Tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a factory with a total area of 15000 sq.m., which is duly accredited GMP establishment and still has enough provisions for future expansion. 大规模    服务大市场 随着市场的日益扩大,原来的生产规模不足以适应今天市场的需求,为了顺应这一发展,北京宝树堂科技药业有限公司新建一座15000平米GMP标准厂房,形成了大规模的生产体系,公司并计划在短时间内开辟新的生产基地,扩大生产规模,以便更好地服务于市场。
Facilities & Eqipment : At present , the manufacturing base of Beijing Bao Shu Tang sci - Tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. consists of 5 production lines, namely : pill, oral, liquid, ointment, granule and tablet/capsule. In addition, it is also equipped with a steam extraction and grinding sections. Accordingly, it has the capability to produce 9 types, 30 specifications and more than 40 varieties of prepared medicines. All facilities likewise measure upto the GMP standard. 国际标准    一流先进设备 北京宝树堂科技药业有限公司目前生产基地有5个生产车间,分丸剂生产车间、合剂(口服液)生产车间、膏剂生产车间、颗粒剂生产车间和片剂、胶囊生产车间,此外还配有煮提车间、磨粉车间,可生产9种剂型、30多种规格、40多个产品。所有的生产设备均符合国际标准。 chejian4 chejian3                                                      Production Plant
Product : Beijing Bao Shu Tang sci - Tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has over 40 varieties of Chinese herbal medicine, the most fanous being Compound Camphor Cream(more popularly known as Bao Fu ling). Its other products, such as : Gui Lu Zi Shen Wan, Shou Wu Wan, Qu Feng Shu Jin Wan, Qian Jin Zhi Dai Wan and Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan are also widely accepted in the market. 产品介绍 中药制剂产品为主    “复方樟脑乳膏”(曾用名:宝肤灵)享誉海内外 目前北京宝树堂科技药业有限公司生产的药品达40多种,其龙头产品“复方樟脑乳膏”(曾用名:宝肤灵)被海内外众多消费者所接纳并使用,其它药品如龟鹿滋肾丸、首乌丸、祛风舒筋丸、千金止带丸、五子衍宗丸等亦都是众多患者的首选产品。此外,公司每年将根据消费者需求推出更多适合市场的药品。
Product Management : Bao Shu Tang is a professional Chinese herbal medicine manufacturer with the best facilities and equipment. It is the first pharmaceutical company to achieved China's GMP standard. 精益求精   科学管理 北京宝树堂科技药业有限公司以专业为导向,引进了先进的生产线、检测设备,凭籍完善的检测能力,率先通过了国家GMP认证,加强了质量体系的管理,确保了每一位宝树堂用户的权益。 product-1 product-2
  researchdevelopment             研发实验室 Research & Development Laboratory   The original R & D ventre is (Bao shu Tang). We do not have other name for the R & D centre besides that. The original product is manufactured by  : Beijing Bao Shu Tang Sci - Tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 北京宝树堂科技药业有限公司北京宝树堂科技药业有限公司 Beijing Bao Shu Tang Sci - Tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a strong research and development department which is composed of experts, scholars, colleges and scientific research institutes. Bao Shu Tang Sci - Tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd guarantees the quality of the product it produces which undergoes numerous clinical testing in order to maintain its lead in the area of Chinese Herbal medicine. 北京宝树堂集团公司除拥有一批锐意进取的技术人才、商业精英外,同时还联合国内外相