Shexiang Zhuang Gu Gao

Quantity : 7pcs
Price : Rm168

Product Details : This product is Bao Shu Tang another hot product and witness by many users, despite of the pricing is slightly higher, however, the effectiveness, quality of the product is excellent. It helps to relief the joint and muscle pain and soreness. 本产品是顶级的热销产品,众多用户已见证了它的功能,尽管价格高一点,但是客户的人体已断定了它的价值,它有助于缓解关节,肌肉疼痛和酸痛。

Constituents 成分 : Herbal extract, moschus artifactus, dl-menthol, methyl salicylate, chondroitine sulphate borneol, diphenhydramine hydrochloric and camphor. The subsidiary materials include rubber, zinc oxide, rosin, vaseline and lanolin. 药材浸膏, 人工麝香, 薄荷脑, 水杨酸甲酯, 硫酸软骨素, 冰片, 盐酸苯海拉明, 樟脑. 辅料为橡胶, 氧化锌, 松香, 凡士林, 羊毛脂.

Character 性状 : The color of the plaster is between light yellow to light brown, it has a fragrant smell. 本品为淡黄色至淡棕色的片状橡胶膏, 具有气味芬芳.

Usage 用法 : For external use only. Clean and dry the affected area, apply the plaster during colder days, augment the use of the plaster with massage and hot pack. 外用. 清洗并擦干患处, 然后应用膏药片贴于患处. 天气冷时, 可按摩和热敷。